Deep and Dark Web Investigations

Deep and Dark Monitoring

Today, cybersecurity needs to be more than securing information and infrastructure. SunBlock System’s End-to End (E2E) Monitoring and Indexing Service is another powerful level of protection to prevent cyberattacks or help limit the damage caused.

Because we know that phishing, malware, and socially engineered breaches may strike at any time; and internal data theft happens when you least expect. Worse, breaches are often not discovered until the potential for damage has already occurred. According to the 2018 Ponemon Institute/IBM study, the mean time to identify (MTTI) was 197 days and the mean time to contain (MTTC) was 69 days.

The threats are real. Let us help you take back control.

Protection you Need

In the meantime, the cybercriminals have your information. What do they do with it?
Potentially, they sell it. They spend false rumors about you and your company. They use it to initiate another attack. They threaten your physical safety when businesses become politicized.
Utilizing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) coupled with the latest in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), SunBlock Systems monitors and indexes information to help you assess threats and manage risk at the Deep and Dark level, where close to 90% of all content resides.

Realtime Alerts and Actionable Intelligence

Our analysts monitor the daily search results and as soon as we detect an attempted breach, an alert is on its way to you.
In realtime, as soon as the information is received.
And because we monitor specifically for compromised information and stolen credentials, you know exactly where the attempted breach has originated. Our reports show you what you need to know to ACT, and to manage your cybersecurity.


• Protects against a breach with early detection of compromised information
• Sends realtime alerts in the case of attempted breach
• Monitors the dark web for stolen corporate documents
• Safeguards personal credentials of highly-targeted executives and privileged users
• Weekly or Monthly reports, as activity requires
• Detects phishing attempts
• Provides actionable attack intelligence
• Exposes trademark and copyright infringement
• Exposes company consumer data and stolen financial data (credit, debit, paypal and other systems)
• Tracks money launderers