Linux Software Developer

Position: Software Developer

Department / Position Number: 3102

Location: Fairfax, VA

General responsibilities for this position include developing software for use in a Linux environment. This position will be required to design, architect, and develop new software solutions. In addition, this position will have the opportunity to conduct incident response and computer forensics for corporate investigations. Forensic training will be provided to the candidate with a qualified technical background.

Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate is a mid-level software developer who has verifiable contributions to the Linux public development effort, is interested in developing test applications and is interested in expanding their expertise into the field of computer forensics. The candidate must be an experienced self-starter and problem solver. In the past, the ideal candidate has designed and designed a new software solution to a problem. The candidate should possess knowledge and experience in some of the following areas: network applications, file system analysis, information system security, and coding exploits. Training will be provided in forensic software and methodologies. The candidate should be prepared to work in varying environments, with occasional travel required.


1. 2-3 years in software development experience Fluent in C++ and PHP
2. Ability to quickly learn other programming languages
3. Extensive experience working within a Linux operating system
4. Experience developing software for a Linux environment
5. Experience in software architecture and design
6. Strong problem solving skills
7. Comfortable working alone or with a team


1. Experience building or administering Linux images
2. Experience with Knoppix or other Live Disk environments
3. Experience in digital forensics
4. Experience utilizing open source software in software development
5. Low-level knowledge of file systems
6. Contributions to open source development
7. Knowledge of other programming languages
8. Previous consulting experience
9. Bachelor’s degree or higher