Technology Consulting

On-Call Technology Management

SunBlock provides a unique perspective on technology management. On a daily basis, we help clients manage data loss, litigation, and security breaches. No one is better equipped to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your electronic data.

Large Or Small, You Have a Business To Run

Leveraging technology to complement business goals presents an ongoing challenge for organizations. Many successful firms utilize a Chief Information Officer to provide high level guidance while enabling IT staff to execute the details.
Our offering provides organizations with an effective and affordable alternative to fulltime IT executives and staff. SunBlock’s IT Department On-Demand service offers sound and actionable advice. Our IT support service is available to assist through project implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Strategic IT Planning and Execution

SunBlock’s On-Demand CIO offering defines an effective IT roadmap for your organization. Development and implementation of a well thought out plan increases the data security of your organization while allowing your business to maximize your IT investment. Work closely with our team to define technology metrics based on your overall business strategies. SunBlock will work with you to align your IT objectives with enterprise programs, when applicable. Effectively capitalize on the mix of in-house and outsourced services, while protecting your growing network from evolving threats to your information security.

Ongoing IT Maintenance and Support

A well implemented IT roadmap may remove the need for full-time help desk employees. SunBlock’s IT Department On-Demand offering allows outsourcing the operational support work of these professionals to provide the same or better results at a lower cost. SunBlock provides organizations with support for critical IT applications including; antivirus, firewall protection, Microsoft Office and e-mail support, spam and content filtering, as well as data backup solutions. We employ technical consultants ranging in experience from executive level positions to help desk support. Extra support can be quickly deployed as needed or on a contract basis.