Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

Our fraud accounting and financial investigation services are led by Mark Carter and by Bob Lindquist. The team is available to assist counsel and businesses in investigating suspected financial malfeasance and to lead teams of SunBlock investigators to identify frauds.

Bob Lindquist

For nearly four decades, counsel and governments from around the world have routinely engaged and entrusted Bob Lindquist to conduct highly sensitive financial investigations. Bob is one of the preeminent practitioners in his field and one of the most widely known and celebrated forensic accountants in the world.

• High profile investigations on behalf of corporations and governments in United States, Antigua, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Grenada, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Netherlands, Malawi, Trinidad, Romania, St. Lucia, Switzerland, United Kingdom
• Expert witness testimony and attendance with counsel on over sixty occasions
• Author of “Accounting as an Investigative Aid” (1977) and co-author of two textbooks, “Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting” (1995) and “The Accounting Handbook of Fraud and Commercial Crime” (1993).
• In November 2011, The World Bank published “The Puppet Masters: How the Corrupt Hide Stolen Assets Using legal Structures and What to Do about It.” Appendix D entitled “Grand Corruption” contains summaries of Bob’s cases: “Bruce Rappaport and IHI Debt Settlement”, and “Piarco International Airport Scandal”.

Mark Carter

Mark Carter has 25 years of experience in auditing, compliance, instituting business controls, and forensic accounting. He is a certified fraud examiner (CFE), a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a former Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). He served as the Executive Director of Bell Atlantic’s Internal Audit and Corporate Security Department. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Utica College, teaching classes on economic crimes and an Adjunct Professor of Accounting at Stratford University.

• Professor of Economic Crimes and Accounting.
• Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
• Executive Director, Corporate Security and Internal Audit, Verizon.
• Co-Founder, CFO and COO, CoreFacts, LLC.
• Chief Financial Officer and Turn-Around Specialist, multiple entities working with private equity entities.
• Led forensic investigations into Enron, WorldCom and Adelphia.
• Testified as computer forensics and forensic accounting expert in federal courts.